Work is empowering, brings hope and creates opportunities. Work becomes the very soil that gives life to vision. Vision for your children and for your family. Many of the poor are strong and able to work, but no-one in their family has ever had a job. Lack of education or lack of proper papers (identity cards) make it impossible to get work. They have become discouraged and lack the hope of finding employment. We can help people to begin their own small business, and run our own micro-enterprises to help create work within a community.

Children live in a context.  Empowering a family, to better understand and access their legal rights and to be able to utilize the resources that they have available to them (for example by lending basic tools and equipment) are some of the ways in which we are able to help families to be able to better provide for themselves.

Education is about long-term investment into the lives of children. If you can stand with a child from the age of 3 all the way through to finishing school, then by the time the child reaches 18 not only have their range of opportunities expanded but they see themselves and the world around them differently.


Crisis help is vital but is not a complete answer. When a crisis develops then our access to savings or credit will usually help us navigate our way back to a place of safety. Families living in poverty don’t usually have savings and can’t usually access credit. A crisis can render an entire family homeless.
Our crisis help can include helping to pay for medication, urgent repairs to homes, firewood in the winter and we distribute tons and tons of flour each month so that children do not have to go to bed hungry. But if all we do is meet crisis needs as they arise then we can inadvertently sustain a family at the level of crisis

"Vital but not a complete answer"