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The problems are many and complex. What if no one in your family had been to school and no one in your family could read or write and what if this had been the case for generations? How might it affect the way you see the world around you, the way you think about your life and your future and your children’s future? 

Early Learning

Learning to play, to hold a crayon, to draw, to colour, to create, to ask questions, to listen to answers, all these things and more lay foundations in the life of a child that go towards building a world view. By the time a child arrives at school, he or she will already have decided if the world is a safe place or a dangerous one, if it is a place to explore with many questions or if questions are best left unasked.

In Early Learning programs young enquiring minds discover that learning can be fun and that the world immediately around them is full of wonder.

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Homework Club

Our homework clubs are staffed by qualified trained Romanian teachers and volunteers who have a very high level of commitment. These clubs provide a safe, warm, well lit, encouraging environment in which a child can do homework and receive additional tuition

Creative Education

 We seek to create an environment in which children and young people begin to think differently about themselves and their world. Many of these children have a world view crafted in an environment of extreme poverty and desperate need where there is little hope and where possibilities are incredibly limited. Yet when encouraged and nurtured the mind of a child is full of questions and keen to explore.


High School Scholarship

Young people who are keen to further their education and enter either technical school or high school can apply to our High School Scholarship program. We now have a group of pioneering young people who have a real vision for their lives pursuing further education.

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