People of all ages from many nations coming together because somewhere deep in their hearts they know they are called to something bigger than themselves. People bringing their skills, talents and willing hearts to love and serve the poor. Maturing in faith as they put into practice the things that they believe.



Your time here may be spent working in rural or inner-city areas of Arad or in a support role such as in DECE Clothing, or in administration. Each community is very different and work will vary from children’s/youth clubs, teaching, working in pre and postnatal care, delivering firewood and distributing flour, digging in gardens, repairing houses, helping women learn how to crochet and sew, and more.

The keyword is service and we may ask you to serve in any of these areas. If you don’t have the heart to serve and get your hands dirty, then this is not the place for you.

The aim is allowing the love of Jesus to be visible in you and through you.


Mission is about living out a very practical faith. Working directly with the poor and serving others brings us practically face-to-face with some of Jesus’ key teachings about the poor and a servant heart, our response to them, and His Kingdom and how we are to bring this in a very real way around us in our daily lives.   The Word becomes, in a very real way, both “living and active”. Our style of teaching includes lectures, discussion groups, and workshops, rooted in practical experience and constantly anchored in the Word.


We believe your time here will be significant in your spiritual growth and we want to dedicate time for you to spend in study, in prayer and in processing everything that God is teaching you. You will receive teaching from our long-term mission team and from time-to-time guest speakers. During your time here, you may also be given assignments based on the teaching and the reading material you will receive during your time with us.

Discipleship & Mentoring

Jesus said he would build the church. He told us to make disciples. For us, this means learning to walk through life together in addition to bible study. During your time here, you may be given an opportunity to apply to be discipled/mentored by one of our long-term team. They will spend time with you, talking and praying and sharing life, helping you to process some of the things you will experience in Romania.

The person mentoring you may or may not be working in the same area each day. If they are, then you will get to know one another during the working day as well as outside of this time. If not, then you will have an opportunity to set aside time, to ensure that you get time together to walk and talk and pray.

Frequently Asked Questions



We will provide you with accommodation in shared student housing for the duration of your stay.



Student housing is self-catering, all students and volunteers staying there are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food. We suggest a budget of around 300 Euros per month for food, accommodation and other necessities. We now have a supermarket in the village which stocks most food and toiletries.



The Romanian currency is called Leu. It’s possible to change Sterling or Euros in Arad (not Siria), but you must ensure all notes are clean, intact and unmarked.   Current exchange rates can be found online.


Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.) are good if you want to take cash out, and it is possible to pay by card, in some shops in Arad and here in the village of Șiria.   There is a small charge each time you take money out depending on your bank. Ask in advance at your home branch. There are two cash points in Șiria.



Most of our team choose to drink the water in Arad, Șiria, and Taut, but it is recommended that people bring a bottle to fill when out and about in the community. Water pressure in the mains system goes off a lot here, especially in the summer months. This can affect showers, toilets, laundry, and drinking water.



Plug sockets are the 2 pin European type.  Adapters are necessary for UK or American plugs.



Romanian. Some Romanians speak some English. The organization is English speaking but we encourage our volunteers to learn basic Romanian.



In the summer it’s very warm (30 to 40C) bring plenty of sunblock and mosquito repellent. However at night, it can become much cooler. The winter can be very cold (-20 to -30C) so bring plenty of warm clothes and thermals.