Everyone who works in this space recognises that education is the way to escape generational cycles of poverty. If we are able to invest in a child from the age of 3 to 18 then by the time the child reaches the age of 18 they see themselves and the world around them differently.

Children, however, live in a context and it is important to work with the wider family to empower them to provide as much as they can for their children and themselves.

A family that struggles each day to provide food for its children can struggle to find a vision for their lives which begins to be defined by what is not possible, rather than by what is possible.

Helping families understand and access the services that are available to them and to recognise the resources they have around them and then teaching them skills and lending the tools they need to utilise those resources helps a family begin to provide for themselves.
Encouraging families to find vision and then standing with them as they begin to move into it is one of the most exciting parts of the work we do.

Empowerment takes many forms. In the column on the right, you will see some examples of programs that we offer.

Gardening & Green Houses

Well Drilling

Home Improvement

Access to Social Programs
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